Northern Beaches

Hash House Harriers


If you haven't set a run for awhile, please step up.

December 3rd Seaforth Oval  4 pm

NBH3 – RUN # 269

HARE: Starboard

Seaforth Oval

Bring Chairs and Eating Irons

Sunday December 3rd at 4 pm

Lets have a good roll up.

Northern Beaches Run Report – November 2023

Run # 268 was set by  Cinderella and generously hosted by Geographically Naïve from her Balgowlah lookout. 

The morning’s weather was fierce enough to force cancellation of the Annual MS Sydney to Gong bike ride with more than 7,000 cyclists due to participate and to reduce our monthly number to a disappointing nine. But Hey! - the sun came out and our afternoon setting was near perfect. 

Apart from a couple of testing On-Backs, the only surprise in this familiar territory was the Start that had Kitty Litter travel down the long hill, then up the other way, then discover an arrow on the lane next to Geo’s driveway. 

Balgowlah is not known for flat streets, so the trail proved a good test for NSOM, Crumpet and Siberia whereas Three Swigs was happy to short cut with Brengun and Crum. 

The tribe enjoyed simple DIY wraps and nice wines with the usual banter including Siberia’s little dispute with Geo that she was one of the originators of the NBH3 – no decision.            

On On

Kitty Litter