Northern Beaches

Hash House Harriers

June 2024 Run

If you haven't set a run for awhile, please step up.

June 2nd at Koola Park, East Killara, opp Killara High School at 3 pm

NBH3 – RUN # 277

HARE: Copra

WHERE: Koola Park, East Killara, opp Killara High School

$15 for bucket and post run food

Bring Chairs, Plates, Glasses and Eating Irons

Sunday June 2nd at 3 pm

Latest Run Report - May 2024

Northern Beaches Coal Loader Run Report


It was a cool and rainy day for the May Run. There were 12/13 hashers attending if you include White Rabbits cameo appearance.


The hare was He'll Do




He'll Do did it all


There was one visitor. A young Pommy, hash name TT,  who ran to the Coal Loader from China Town, did the run, gave old hand 5$ for a beer and ran back to China Town.  He is from Hong Kong.


Copra got lost the among the complicated trails at the Coal Loader but got back around twenty minutes after the pack had arrived.


There was a runners trail and a walkers trail.


During Mongrels run report XXXX was complaining that the arrows made no sense.  Mongrel pointed out that XXXX arrived late and tried to start in the middle of the run which is ok for hashing but not hash evaluation. Mongrel promptly gave He'll Do a 10 for the run.


A good day was had by all.